I Pole Because...

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At Poletry in Motion, one of the things we love most about pole is its versatility. Pole dancing is multidimensional and multifaceted, much like the women who pole. Sometimes pole serves as  our art, or our sport, while at other times it functions as our release. Most times, we experience a beautiful fusion of all three. Many pole dancers declare pole as their therapy, career, meditation, community, even healing. Which is exactly why, as polers, it’s always disarming to hear ignorant remarks about our craft that could not be further from the truth. Comments like:

“Wow, your man must be really happy.”

“So when are you going to start dancing in the clubs?”

“I never thought my daughter would have a stripper pole in her living room.”

“Isn’t it every parents goal to keep their daughters OFF the pole?”

“You’re basically learning how to take your clothes off?”

“So when are you going to dance for me?”

“She’s just doing that for attention.”

The list goes on. Pole is a personal journey. It requires inner strength, bravery, commitment, courage, determination (and a high tolerance for burns and bruises -- can you say pole kisses?). Even if we choose to express our sensuality, or perform in clubs, for a majority of polers, the journey has never and will never be about the expectations and desires of others. Most certainly not for those of men.

The above comments are problematic in that they reveal a superficial view of pole that does two things. First, they minimize the real experiences and humanity of women who do choose to perform in clubs, while simultaneously overlooking the strength, dedication, bravery, and creativity it takes to dance in a club. Many women who dance LOVE to perform. Simple as that. Second, these comments sexualize the experience of pole dancing for all polers and assume that if a woman poles, it is solely for the sexual satisfaction and consumption of men. Many people are surprised when we show them videos of polers like @missfillypolediva@foxyashleyfox, and @sammypicone who compete or practice pole as more of a sport or a meditation, because they’ve never thought of pole beyond their one-dimensional views. Simultaneously, there are those who will look at masters of exotic pole like @carmineblackdance or @amberprowl and only see the sexy, not acknowledging the amount of physical strength and mental determination it takes to flow so smoothly (because we all know basework ain’t easy).


Poletry in Motion exists for everyone. It is a space for us as a pole community to define ourselves for ourselves. But the truth is, even those who do not pole are a part of the community. Their views and perspectives play a role in shaping the culture around pole dancing. As the saying goes, “we blame society, but we are society.” Our hope with Poletry in Motion is that through telling the stories of women who pole -- be they practicing competitively, performing in clubs, owning studios, instructing, or just learning for themselves -- the larger community will embrace pole as more than just another space to objectify women.

Poletry in Motion is all-inclusive. It’s for anyone willing to interact within this space respectfully and vulnerably. Here we will share our art, our stories, our triumphs, and our struggles. We will laugh, cry, and twerk a lot in between. We welcome you to our home and encourage you to stay and dialogue with us.

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