True Life, I'm in Love with a Pole Dancer

Poletry in Motion catches up with six couples who are here to answer the question, "What's it really like to be in love with a pole dancer?" Together, they take us on a journey of pole, love, and what they wished the world knew about pole dancers.

A deep thank you to each of our participants. We are beyond touched by your stories and generosity in sharing them. We appreciate the time and care you took to let us in. We cherish and are inspired by each and every one of you. Our sincerest gratitude .

-Poletry in Motion

Desiré & Andrew

Desiré & Andrew


Sammy Picone & Teddy Cuddly

Kendra & Samara Balans

Lori & Bryan

Sasja Lee & Mia Shanté

Desiré & Andrew

Marilyn & Carlos Allers

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