What Do I Want for Thirty?

Pryscilla Balladares is an Ecuadorian-American writer, actor, and creator from the Midwest. Her work focuses heavily on race relations, women, and gender roles. Balladares' writing is a reflection of her own attempts to understand her place in the universe as a millennial Latina in the United States. Her creative reflections on womanhood and freedom embody the art that is Poletry in their honest depictions of womanhood. As she celebrates her 30th birthday, Balladares' reflections on what she wants for herself ring true for many women, who can only hope that through embracing their truths, they will live a life of fullness, strength, and light.

What do you want for thirty?

I want to be courageous. I want to take risks and feel the wind at my back before I take my leap, then revel in the wind anointing my face, blessing me with its favor.

I want to love myself deeply. At every stage. With every flaw and every perfection. I want to stare in the mirror and love who I see.

I want to look back at time kindly, and gratefully. And I want to know when to kiss my dear friend, nostalgia goodbye.

I want my spirit to be strong, bound together by the strength of my loved ones long gone.

I want to always be a light for others, but never, ever at the cost of dimming my own.

I want the will to forge a path anytime I don’t see a way.

I want to walk away from things that no longer serve me.

I want these hands to touch everything my grandmother fought to reach, and anything my mother could not.

In their honor.

In my honor.

I want thirty to mark my redemption.

The decade of my glory.

Hello, thirty. I have been waiting for you.

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