Connectors. We all have them.

The family member, who brings everyone together around the holidays. The old friend, who goes the extra mile to plan trips and make sure the crew doesn’t fall apart. Or the university, (shout out to the real HU!), that connects us to life long friends and a world of good memories.

While I've had the privilege of experiencing each of these connectors at some point or another, my most recent and impactful connector has been pole dancing.

When I started poling, I was simply looking for a way to achieve a full body workout that didn’t involve running or the gym - and who wouldn't want to learn a sexy trick or two along the way?  What I got was so much more. Pole has connected me to a community of amazing women literally all across the nation. It’s connected me to my past passions and the young girl who practiced competitive gymnastics and dance. It’s connected me to my higher self by pushing the boundaries of my inner strength and courage - my voice, and willingness to speak out against ignorant and oppressive ideas. It’s connected me to my inner sensuality and taught me to embrace my sexy. And through this blog, it's connected me with my lifelong love of writing to create the perfect creative outlet.

I never expected any of this when I hopped on the pole and tried my first fireman, but here I am. Somehow, I know this is just the beginning, and I can't wait to connect with each of you!

Bree lives in Los Angeles, CA and is a creative writer, community organizer, doula, and pole artist.