Poletry in Motion


Poletry In Motion

Social evolution is happening all around us. As a society, we have witnessed the emergence of many cultural advances, however, there is still plenty of room to grow. The world of pole is no exception. While the artistry has indeed evolved over the years, and those who pole understand its multifaceted nature, the rest of the world may still be catching up.

Poletry in Motion is for everyone. It is for those unfamiliar with pole just as much as it is for those who live and breathe it. With this platform, we will share the authentic stories of women who pole through a merging of the arts. Additionally, with an inquisitive voice, we will dissect various constructs and ideologies through the lens of pole dancing. In this way, we hope to spark conversations and create safe spaces for dialogue that will in turn shift societal perspectives of pole dancing, womanhood, and sexuality. 

Each month, you can expect a wide variety of content. In our “Feature” posts, we will engage you with thought-provoking pieces exploring social constructs connected to pole. Our "Pole Model" posts will highlight a pole artist who is inspiring both on and off the pole. Additionally, as the name “Poletry” suggests, this blog acknowledges pole as an art form. Our "Poletry" content will feature various forms of art including writing, photography, music and film. “In Motion” posts will follow our pole journey's both individually and as pole sisters. Finally, because pole is a unifier, our “Community” content will be specifically for members of the pole community. Here you can find polls, helpful tips and event calendars.

We welcome you to our home and encourage you to dialogue with us. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to stay up to date with new content!


-Rosetta & Bree