What really happens to a dream deferred? Well, I have had two.

The first involves my childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. I can recall my elementary school gymnasium packed full of other young, hopeful girls alongside me auditioning for classes to the Milwaukee Ballet School and Academy extended to inner-city children. I was one of the chosen few. Sadly, I hadn’t made it past the first month of classes before my father pulled me out of the school thwarting my budding ballet journey.

Since I couldn’t express myself through dance as a ballerina, writing quickly became my new passion. By college, I was confident I would pursue a journalism career. Yet, once again, life had other plans. Although by the time I graduated, I was an award-winning writer who had been published in both local and nationwide publications, finding a journalism job was unpromising. Thus, life circumstances led me into social work and then real estate/housing careers.

My journey to pole is proof you can never really escape your dreams. Poletry in Motion is the perfect marriage of my two loves. Through pole, I am finally expressing myself through dance in ways that strengthen my physique, confidence, and femininity. And through Poletry in Motion, I will utilize my passion for the pen to spotlight fellow pole artists whose stories extend beyond the pole.

Rosetta lives in Los Angeles, CA and is a property manager, model, writer and pole artist.